Airdrop Automation Script

Airdrop is a promotion techniques used by major Coins during ICO Stage. The Premine Count is used for Airdrop. Usually Companies fix 20-25% for Airdrop. Blockchain Help Introduces Airdrop Automation Script That will reduce your workload. It has data from last 5 years. Using ether explorer it will generate potential addresses and with just one click you can airdrop to those addresses.

Promotions play major role during any ICO, what best can be there to promote to audience who actually invest in crypto. The airdrop is a technique to promote your ico and issue free coins to selected group. This helps in promotions as well as marketing your product. Referral system can be integrated with airdrop automation script to issue tokens or coins to selected addresses based upon referral mechanism. Blockchain Help Airdrop Automation Script will reduce your work load as it will automatically figure out top addresses for airdrop and once integrated with rewards system it can issue airdrop automatically. The requirements are Centos 7 Server. 

Please click on demo link to check  


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