Blockchain Development

Since the discovery of the capability of blockchain to store data other than transactions information, many companies have been employing its use in their business. In a research survey conducted by Deloitte, of the 1000 companies in seven countries that participated in the survey, about 40% of them said they are ready to invest at least $5 million in blockchain while 34% of them are already using blockchain in their business.

Blockchain can be hosted either on the cloud, in your preferred location (such as an office), or hybrid. For effective functioning of the technology, the design should suit the requirements and purpose of your project. And you may want to choose of the four blockchain solutions;

Permission Less: Used for purposes such as bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies ― anyone can become a miner of these platforms.

Permissioned : These are used for governmental operations like tax collection and voting systems.

Private: Specially used for internal contract management in sensitive industries such as hospitals.

Hybrid: It is mostly by banks for sharing Know Your Customers (KYC) information.

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