Empty Blocks Mining Calculator

Selfish mining combined with spy mining is a gamble; it's a risk that a large number of transactions could be thrown when a whole competing chain of blocks is ultimately rejected. When used only to mine empty blocks, as it appears Ether dig is doing, it's a practice that in no way contributes to the network.

We have develop the calculator to analyze the empty blocks that are mined on the network. This reduces the risk to investors who want to invest into cryptocurrency. Blockchain Help empty block calculator is one of the best tools that present over view of empty blocks mined and data can be filtered using time filter. The data is presented in charts format its also possible to download data in png format so it can be used for analysis by crypto currency experts. If you are looking for similar tools for your currency we can help you with development of similar applications. Visit us today to get quote for your project 

Click on demo link to check our calculator

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