Investors Lead Generation

There are basically two types of investors ― those who invest short term and those who prefer a long term investment. Individuals are mostly short-term investors while financial institutions or groups prefer a long-term investment.


Of course, there can never be any product if there is no idea. After generating your project idea and ready to start your ICO marketing for a crypto lead, it is very important to plan ― just as the saying of if you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail.

    Determine what you really need from investors first ― their cryptocurrency or crypto technical know-how. This will help you to properly plan your campaign. 

    After this, identify your targeted audience such as economic level, age or profession. If you are targeting investment in a smart contract for international exchanges, you don’t want to target everyone, merchants and financial institutions should be your major focus as they are the active demographic in the field.

    Knowing these will help you be able to make an estimation of how many investors you can reach and how much they will be willing invest ― your figure should be realistic anyway.

Marketers now use the trick of getting incentives to make investors and other promoters get involved in the project. You may offer gifts like tokens based on how effective someone or a platform is in helping your promotion, may even have a referral plan for investors you already have on board. Just be creative, there is more than one way to do it.

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