Target Based Investors

So far according to different statistics, the outbound lead generation strategy remains the most effective lead generation method. This lead generation is method is targeted at informing prospects of the existence of your cryptocurrency project. It is most of the time used to target new investors which are a perfect fit for a new startup most people are not aware of.

Targeting Specific Group of Investors

Digital ads allow you to select specific websites you will prefer your ads to be displayed. This is a wise choice to maximize your ad spending. Your project main cryptocurrency should decide the website you will be choosing. You don’t want to advertise an Ethereum based crypto-project on a Ripple-based website. The site visitors may be interested in your project but the currency might turn them off.


This technique is used to reconnect with prospects who have checked out your ICO before. Using this method reminds them of you and if they have a former interest, they invest and for others that do not have, seeing your ads again may make them reconsider. Aside from this, it also increases your brand awareness, since repetition makes things stick. According to a survey, prospects retargeted with ads are about 70 percent more likely to invest in your project. When potential investors see your ad for the first time, they are more likely to click to visit your landing page 0.07 percent of times. But in the case of retargeting, they are more likely to click 10x more (0.7 percent).


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