Initial Coin Offering Lead Generation

If your ICO marketing does not appeal to the need of an investor, it is impossible to generate a crypto lead. Determining this will help you construct an effective campaign, thus a better ROI from your marketing campaign.


 Let us be frank, you and investors are doing each other a favor. Investors are giving up their cryptocurrency for the hope of a return on investment (ROI). To appeal to the interest of investors, you must show your project offers a secure investment and better ROI than others.Imagine trying to sell a real estate property to someone who is still striving to pay rent. Check your minimum token value, and sample the leads you have to know which of them to continue persuading to invest. If possible, consider this before your ICO marketing to choose platforms wisely.In instances, you are trying to gain the attention of companies to invest in your project, determine the people who make the decision in those companies (industry) and target platforms they are more likely to belong to.

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