Telegram Marketing

Telegram was Founded by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur, Telegram even though it is a newbie in the social media network, it is a very crypto-friendly social media platforms for any cryptocurrency related promotion.

 In March 2018, the platform reported active monthly active users of about 200 million. Telegram channel allows you to build a community around your project and would be able to connect with potential investors instantly. The number of members of an ICO Telegram channel is now used by some investors as a gauge for the credibility of the project. Getting the first 100 followers to your created community (group) is what usually present challenges but that could be easily achieved by enjoining your team to join and share the link to other platforms they may belong to.

Using paid adverts is another way to go about it. Contact admins crypto-related groups to place your ICO campaign on their platforms. However, some of these groups may have bots ― you won’t want to pay to make a bot see your campaign. Check the ERR index which is available on the tgstat ― this should not be lesser than 20 percent.

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