Token sales and Marketing

Token or crypto coin are the digital coins offered during an ICO and it is equivalent to shares offered in conventional business IPOs. When the smart contract executes, it allocates a token to an investor in relation to the worth of the cryptocurrency transferred.

We generate optional cryptocurrency leads that can be used for your opportunity to earn more money through cryptocurrency. Every record will provide contact information for visitors who have chosen to receive emails and phone calls from your organization or yourself, as well as additional information on starting an opportunity to earn money from Cryptocurrency.

We have Cryptocurrency leads that are highly targeted, because our customers come back for when they get what we have offered them. Those who want our leads express their interest by completing an online survey form asking for more information about what they want and they are invited to be patient and wait for a call from one of our representatives.

All of our Cryptocurrency leads are 100% optional and can be verified by phone. Users can see and even respond to our adverts only if they are interested in a business opportunity advertised to them. We have a variety range of quantities that can be demanded. For those who want small amounts of leads, they can order 25 cryptocurrency leads.

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