Tron Game Development

Tron Game is based on concept of decentralization. Blockchain Help has developed many games using Dapp Technology. This Project was based on Tron Network. We developed the game using Tron. The Game has a perfect UI and Admin Panel that gives control to our clients to modify the rewards system and check user panel

Tron App development is a platform that is aimed at allowing people to easily write decentralized applications which are commonly called DAPP using different DAPP block chain technologies. Tron Network is power block chain management software that helps to modernize digital identities. This curbs identity and data pilferage. Though it does not pride of an active token now, it values your mobile as the growth to one’s self. The Good thing is once you launch your uPort, it obtains permission to getting data from your mobile that is intend stored in Tron smart contract and later distributed to users at a given time.

Click on demo link to check our game

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