White Paper Blockchain

Only you and your team know how great your idea is ― at least for now. Creating or drafting a whitepaper is a way to transfer your passion to investors. A whitepaper is the most important thing that will determine the numbers of lead you will eventually get. Literally, a whitepaper should contain:

    Details of the project. You may include the story behind the project, when it will start and when it would finally launch. Other achievements by you and your team can also be included.

    The purpose of the project ie the identified problem and how you intend to solve it. You can include convincing statistics here as investors usually gauge the profitability of the project with this.

    Amount needed to kick-start the project. You may include the minimum amount you need and a maximum that should not be exceeded.

    The volume of the total generated token and worth so that investors can know what they are getting for how much.

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